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“It is the truth we ourselves speak rather than the treatment we receive that heals us.” —O. Hobart Mowrer


Partners in Health offers health coaching in the following areas:


  • Individual

  • Groups

  • Corporate/Businesses

  • Couples

Remember…although the quest for optimal health is personal, it is also a shared journey!


Coaching sessions are tailored to your interests and needs. Some possible areas of focus include:

  • Diet: "Getting down to my ideal weight"

  • Exercise: "Having more energy & focus"

  • Sleep Hygeine: "Improved mood & energy"

  • Smoking Cessation: "Able to breathe fully again"

  • Disease Management: "Reduced stroke risk

  • Stress Resilience: "More internal peace & calm"

In addition to our discussion and action planning, the sessions might include health assessments, vital sign measurements and/or weight/BMI tracking .

How it Works

We will start with a conversation. I will block out 90 minutes for you. This allows us to get acquainted and it's an opportunity to ask questions. If you decide it's a good fit, we can make plans for our first full session. I do my best to provide convenient options for your scheduling needs.

Sessions are either 75-90 minutes. (Depending on your desired plan). We can meet in person at your home, business or a quiet public location such as a coffee shop, library or park. Our sessions can also be over Zoom or phone. 

Note: I welcome and encourage your spouse, partner, child, family member or friend to join to one or all of your sessions. The focus will remain on you, yet your journey can be shared. Your loved ones are an important part of the process.

 Accountability is a powerful, positive energy! 


Let's Meet

Included below are individually priced sessions. Larger session packages are available upon request.

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